Gold Award — Logo Design, Summit Creative Awards 2019

Branding | Strategy | Packaging | Collateral | Web Design | Signage | Social Media

Art Direction: Wynn Yau and Mollie Wang
Logo Design, Brand Application Design and Web Design: Wynn Yau
Creative Direction: Wynn Yau and Mingyu Xie
Website Development: Yimeng Shi
Brand Strategy and Marketing: Shan Huang and Annie Wong
Photography: WE Atelier, Lucid Photography, Angela Lui and Unsplash

Create a cross-cultural and innovative bubble tea brand that is rooted in Taiwanese tea culture and stands out among the dense Toronto market.

Brand Positioning

In Chinese, “Yang” (泱) means “boundless” or “expansive”, which gave birth to the brand’s big idea: to broaden the frontier of tea culture.


Yang Teashop is positioned as a mass market tea shop. To differentiate from niche bubble tea brands, a more expansive line of Chinese loose leaf tea beverages is also offered in addition to specialty tea beverages to target more frequent consumption occasions.

Brand Tone

Innovative, Sophisticated, Quality

The mission of Yang Teashop is to broaden the frontier for people of all ages – to help them define what tea culture means to them. Regardless of age or background, Yang Teashop believes that tea is for everyone.


To embrace this element of diversity and innovation, they offer a wide range of beverages from basic everyday teas to specialty tea lattes and fresh fruit blends. Customization and vegan options give customers the freedom to personalize and design their own drinks.