In Spring 2016, I collaborated with The Writing Centre at the University of Waterloo to research and design a set of badges depicting the most common transferrable soft skills to be used on student and staff ePortfolio websites (WatCV) across the university. These badges aim to help students better articulate their soft skills through visual graphic representations.




WatCV is a one-year research project (Jan 2016 - Dec 2017) funded by WatCACE (Waterloo Centre for the Advancement of Cooperative Education) that "aims to test the hypothesis that having students create an ePortfolio designed to showcase course projects and articulate the professional skills and competencies developed while completing the projects helps students value the learning process and better present themselves in a digital format to different audiences post-graduation" ("Bridging the 'Articulation of Skills' Gap through 'WatCV: Career and Competency ePortfolios'").