sony media go

This is the final redesign of the Podcast Directory, as implemented in Media Go 3.0. As with the former Podcast Directory, the search function remains in focus with an option to browse categories directly below. The new "Trending Podcasts" section is situated in the bottom third of the screen, with an infinite scrolling function. As the user scrolls down, the search function condenses to a sticky search bar at the top. This allows both search and browsing functions to be accessible at any part of the home screen. The resizing and right-alignment of the podcast symbol in the background was an aesthetic decision to balance the search bar and "Trending Podcasts" thumbnail.


Media Go is Sony's multimedia management application that allows users to access existing and discover new digital content including music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, games, and photos.

During my internship as a User Experience Designer at Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI)'s branch in Waterloo (ON), I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Design Team and Tim Grant, Architecture Lead of Media Go, to improve the existing Podcast Directory. Based on input from the team, I created mock-ups of the Podcast Directory home screen with several adjustments made throughout the process. Prior to final implementation, the Podcast Directory redesign was first released internally to test its usability.

Some of the new features and issues that the new design of the home screen aimed to resolve include: 1) Adding a trending section, and 2) Maintaining prominence of existing search function.

The redesign process was based on two primary users: 1) Users who search for podcasts (i.e. those who know what they're looking for), and 2) Users who browse for podcasts (i.e. those who don't know what they're looking for). One of the main challenges of creating the new design was to maintain Media Go's existing interface and keep the search and trending functions distinct yet prominent, while allowing podcasts to be easily discoverable